A gentle relaunch

If you have been unfortunate enough to have followed my blogging activity over the past decade (some of you go back even earlier), then you will know of the turbulent life on this blog. After not adding anything here for some while, I feel it is the right time to begin again.

The difficulty with this particular sit stems from the amount of different acivitites that consume my every day. From the day-job — “work-work” as I often refer to it — to my writing, to my leatherwork, to my other hobbies, interests, and day-to-day noise. What should this blog cover? What should be elsewhere? What are you doing still reading this?

I have been through a number of iterations, from focused, to general blogging here, none of which seem to quite fit the bill. For example, do you really want me harping on about my latest bike ride, or the new method of edge finishing cased leather? Perhaps. But I have always wanted this space to be a little more involved, whilst retaining some intimacy. Thoughts, ideas, opinions, and some fiction. (I do hope you will be able to spot the fiction.)

So that is my remit for this site. The other stuff — that day-to-day noise from my interests, hobbies, professional and project work — will reside in other locations. Posts here will be less frequent, more involved, and, I hope, worthy of your time to read them.

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