Contrary lanes

Walking our dog usually means taking one of his handful of regular routes: Jasper prefers routine over surprises, to avert his innate excitable anxiety. One might think walking the same paths every day would present nothing new.

Yet, if I keep my eyes open, I see new things appear (and disappear) and notice what I have never spotted before.

That tree, up there, in the photograph accompanying this post. I had likely walked past this particular spot dozens of times. Suddenly, there it was.

I have seen similar arrangements in the construction of natural fencing: the branches are cut through enough to bend, but so that the branch will continue to grow.

Each of these branches has was in this way, then bent to create this symmetrical shape.The cut wounds are healed, so this must have been done some time ago.

There is nothing remarkable about this, until you realise this tree sits in isolation. There are no others nearby with a similar configuration. To each side, and across the narrow, single-track road, are regular country verges and hedges.

Notice its symmetry.

The shape of this arrangement smacked me as something ritualistic. Deliberately symmetrical, isolated, tucked away along a quiet country road. Or maybe that’s just my imagination running wild.

More little discoveries

Carrying a smart-phone around with me, there is the opportunity to take a quick snap of these—often small—local discoveries. So I though I would devote a gallery page to them. You can skip through the slide-show here.

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