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June 3, 2015 / Art
September 4, 2011 / Writing

Between the sometimes erratic day-job, the writing challenge of Table Rappers, other writing projects, and a little time to sleep, it has, until recently, been almost impossible to find consistent balance. I recently found the answer in something that seems to make most people develop a nervous twitch.

Project management with Gantt charts must be amongst the most hated of business activities. Having had no such twitch-inducing horrors in the past, I came to gantt with a positive motivation.

Hopefully, this post will help unravel how I’ve used gantt to not only achieve writing project management, but also such bizarre concepts as “relaxing days off” and “spare time”.

The big, bad projectPROJECTSGantt.html

Traditionally, cant charts are created per project. That’s fine when you are tacking something large, with multiple in-house and external resources, all of which rely on each other.

Allocation of time was the toughest challenge, given my sometimes unpredictable work schedule, so the project my chart would manage, was me: everything project-related I must tackle outside the day-job hours,  in a single chart.

What does that look like? Something like the image on the right. This shows my project schedule until the end of the second quarter of 2012.

In some detail

Each of the Casebook Files for the Table Rappers series consists of three individual stories. I generally run short stories (between 3 and 10 thousand words) through two drafts before it goes to my “trusted reader”, then a final draft based on that feedback (and sometimes an additional draft should the need arise). I prefer to let each draft sit and “rest” for at least a week before returning to that piece. During the rests, I can work on other drafts of other pieces. Perhaps you’re getting the picture of how quickly this could all get into a terrible tangle!

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