That modern age

My mechanic recently serviced my car. As his wife handles the billing, it usually takes a day or two to have a bill ready. So I returned yesterday to pay…

“Haven’t got it yet,” he said, sounding surprised that I was expecting a bill three days after the work had been completed. This is not unusual, so did not come with surprise.

They now send bills out by post, he explained. I had heard that such great advances were afoot, so again, no surprise. While I wrote out my address on a scrap of paper, to be sure he had my full details, he continued.

“You can use that BACS and all that if you want.” He noted how that news made me pause my writing. “Aye, all modern like.” I resisted the urge to ask if PayPal was an option.

The 21st Century strolls in to North Cornwall.

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