The beginning or the end?

Recent morning walkies in the glorious autumn sunrise, had me pondering whether, if forced to make a choice, I would prefer to live with the uninterrupted view of the sunrise, or the sunset. Both, of course, but few of use are so blessed.

I have struggled with sunsets. Living where I do, I have learned to appreciate them, yet often take them for granted.

Sunsets are the end of each day. They sometimes present great beauty, but signal the day has passed and that interrupting, unproductive period of sleep is just around the corner.

Your good, productive day is at an end; you can do no more. Your bad, challenging, unproductive day is at an end; you have no more time to sort it all out, enjoy your anxiety-riddled sleep leading to tomorrow, a new day, where today’s mistakes will be waiting to wake you with sour milk and stale cereal.

A Sunrise, however, bursts with the battle cry of optimism. Yesterday can now be legitimately forgotten. Unless you fell out of bed and broke your most precious item of china, you have the prospect of doing good, fixing bad, sweeping the world clean wearing your cape and outer-pants.

Autumn sunrises are the very best. The air is crisp and clear and the sun often warm in colour. The sensation of the morning sweeping away the previous day’s woes is both refreshing and motivating, Every moment of its light is to be cherished for the shadowy mornings and evenings of winter to come.

Yes, I think I would choose a sunrise over a sunset. But for now, sunsets are finally appreciated, and thanks to morning dog walkies, sunrises are just a few minutes’ stroll away.

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