When you just have to start

I am unsettled whenever I do not have a creative work in progress. But setting out on a work that is likely to take 30 hours or more to complete, is all to easy to procrastinate.

I wish more of the work I am compelled to create took little more than a handful of hours. Some do – abstract paintings, for example – but they rarely give me the fulfilment attained after a long, arduous, journey of a drawing.

Or if I worked simply by copying photographs. If the photograph works as an image, so will the properly-executed drawing. But then, why not just have the photograph…

This new piece – titled “Measuring Stick” – came from an image in my head early one morning, following several days of scribbling, thinking, more scribbling, and wondering where to go next after my previous piece, Limb, Shattered.

Not even any photo references for this one. Merely a length of driftwood, and a bleary-eyed, early morning sketch.

Right now, and for the next 10-20 hours of work, I have no real idea whether the image in my head will work in this style. I’m sure it will. Or, maybe not. See you on the other side.

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